erin shimberg

Erin was born and raised in Atlanta with a love of dance and movement.  After receiving her BFA in Dance Performance from Boston Conservatory, she moved to New York to persue that dream even more.  While working in New York, she discovered a form of Pilates that differed from her classical training in school.  She found a Pilates style that focused on the purpose of the movement and the benefits behind it.  She became certified through the Erika Bloom studio in New York.  Through this training she is well versed in all Pilates equipment, pre and post natal training, injury prevention and injury recovery.  She loves helping her clients find their physical best and challenging them with movement.

Erin’s style of teaching incorporate functionality and fitness.  She strives to help you find your healthiest form, and happiest body. Her teaching passions include injury prevention, athletic training, and mindful movement.

January 31, 2019