frances masterson

Frances works with the body’s myosfascial matrix of connective tissue and the fascial restrictions that happen when we live our daily lives and habits.  She helps move her clients out of pain, chronic tension, and dysfunction and gives them back the ability to perform at their highest potential. If you are an athlete or an individual with an active lifestyle, Frances’ system can help give you the freedom from physical limitations keeping you from achieving your goals.

Specialized in Prenatal and Postpartum Manual Therapy, Frances has worked with expectant and new moms and families since 2005. Her treatments are designed to support and help find balance through growing and raising a family. During her journey into motherhood, she found a huge need for a holistic approach to the support of women as they transition into their role as mom. Her services focus primarily on the mother and her needs as she navigates the new waters of becoming a mom.

Throughout her life, Frances has been an athlete and enjoys living a very active lifestyle. Through her own recovery from injuries, she found the healing combination of movement and bodywork. She believes in the power of lifestyle choices and their ability to transform anyone who is dedicated to making a change for their heath and longevity. Her objective is to provide support and guidance for her clients as they work toward achieving their goals.

January 28, 2017