sonja brigham

Sonja’s customized Pilates sessions target muscles to support your posture, alignment and functionality. Her postural adjustments and lengthening cues sculpt a strong, deeply supported and supple body.  She will help you find ease, harmony, and strength through movement and stasis as she identifies and helps to address muscular and structural imbalances.  Postural and gait analysis help to structure sessions around what your body specifically needs, whether you are perfecting your game as a professional athlete, rehabbing from injury, or preparing for childbirth.  You won’t be bored.  Each session is unique because each person is unique.  You will leave the studio feeling empowered, centered, and rejuvenated.
Sonja has been teaching dance and fitness since 2006 and has been practicing Pilates for well over a decade. While pursuing a BFA in Dance at UMass Amherst, she focused her studies on dance technique, body aesthetics, kinesiology, and dance pedagogy.  From there she continued her training at The Ailey School in their professional division.  She received her comprehensive 600(+) Hour Pilates certification under the direct tutelage of world-renown Pilates guru Erika Bloom.  She had the honor of working for Erika in her Manhattan, East Hampton, and Turks and Caicos studios.  Sonja specializes in teaching customized one-on-one sessions and has vast experience working with VIP and celebrity clientele.  She is inspired by looking at the body as a puzzle, combining release work and strength training to address individual fitness and therapeutic goals.  Emphasis is placed on proper biomechanics and alignment so that sessions are both safe and challenging for people of every movement background.  Sonja’s trademarks with clients are her depth of compassion, precise cueing, and sound knowledge.
October 10, 2016