tal ofek

Fascinated by nature and the ever flow of it’s wonder taught Tal from an early age that giving is sacred and spreading good nurtures and heals. Growing in a home that welcome foster children, sharing was obvious and common in her life. Practicing the art of dance brought a sense of joy, harmony, and freedom, which later she integrated in her work with toddlers. Studying Early Childhood Psychology and nutrition allowed Tal to support promote and provide a positive study environment for special children who blossomed into happy, creative, vibrant individuals. Healing Energy is everywhere and available to everyone, yet most people simply are not aware of it. Studying the depth of energy work allowed Tal to channel the blessings of healing light, especially where other methods are contradicted. Massage Therapy was a natural continuation to Tal’s journey as a person of service. Studying different methods from deep tissue, sport, prenatal, reflexology, cancer massage, trigger points, hot stones, pressure points and more open new roads to healing and restoring ease and harmony in one’s mind and body.

December 1, 2015