Clean up!

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Home Made All Purpose Cleaner (only takes 2-3min!) and three reasons why to use it:
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1 tbsp vinegar
1 tbsp castille soap
16 oz water
+ essential oils
Mix all ingredients in an empty and clean spray bottle. The vinegar and soap will cause a milky mixture to form. This is normal.
For anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal purposes use:  tea tree oil, rosemary & oregano.
  1. Protect your health. Generic cleaning supplies contain harmful chemicals that you do not want in your home.
  2. Save $. This recipe will cost you pennies compared to the average $5 bottle store bought.
  3. Stop the pollution. Lakes, oceans, drinking water…it all is becoming severely polluted by all the chemicals we consume in our homes. Before you flush the toilet or rinse out the sink next time, think what you are flushing down and where it all goes.


EASY, CHEAP and EFFECTIVE at getting your house clean including the bath, kitchen and stoves.

2-3min … yes you can do it!


To a life in good health.

~ Marie