Organic Spa Team

marie aspling

postural therapist | founder of balans

Marie Aspling is the founder and owner of Balans Wellness Studio and Balans Organic Spa. She practices Postural Therapy, which leaves her clients with less pain, less stress and improved health. She delivers her expertise with great comfort, nurture and support.

    laila jensen


    Laila Jensen is a senior esthetician with 30+ years of experience. She loves her work and brings comfort and joy to her clients. She adds to the Swedish vibe at Balans, and now Marie and Laila can speak Swedish at work!

    Laila lives by, “Feel good and look good!”

      joanne halpin

      massage therapist | reiki energy healer

      Joanne wants to share the deep healing that massage brings for body, mind, and spirit. She has almost 20 years of practice, and loves using various pressures to release restrictions within the body for the brain to slow down, and to find quiet and healing space within.

        kristen liptscher

        esthetician | massage therapist

        Kristen Liptscher is both an esthetician and massage therapist. With Kristen you can receive the wonderful combination of a massage + facial!

          beverly mojave


          Beverly is an experienced esthetician who loves her art and working with people. With her positive and nurturing energy, she helps her clients heal their skin, and they leave in a deep state of relaxation.

            grace sheikh

            esthetician | makeup artist

            Grace embraces wellness and purity from the inside out. For her, body and skin health are keys to feel complete and beautiful. As the fine artist she is, she says: “As paint flows on a canvas, so does the energy of the heart and body, creating balance and complete beauty.” Grace specializes in skincare and makeup artistry.

              mirna lizama

              front desk | spa coordinator

              Mirna is our Spa Coordinator. She brings much nurture and love to the spa, and her passion for her work shows in her every day joyful spirit and genuine care. Her warmth and affection spreads through the spa, and leaves no one untouched.

                gunilla gorman

                front desk

                Gunilla brings another Swede to the spa. She loves Maria Åkerberg skincare and loves eating Indian Kitchari, homemade of course!

                  shauna ardizzone

                  front desk

                  Shauna makes everyone feel welcome and at home. Humor and laughter come easy for her, which brings much joy and light to the spa and everyone around her.