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Went for a massage with Tal. It was amazing!!! Wish I lived closer I would go every month!!!


I’ve been seeing Ron for roughly 6 years now, starting just after I turned 40.  I started out primarily because I was having lower back pain, but also because I wanted to generally become more physically fit as I was getting older.  Over the years we’ve been working together, I’ve managed to do that – I’ve permanently lost ~10 lbs, reduce my body fat, strengthened my entire body / core, improved my energy level, increased my mobility, and not only maintained but improved my fitness.  I recently starting working with Maura to get my nutrition in check. She’s helped me make better choices especially when I travel for work. Proper nutrition has better helped me meet my fitness goals as well. I feel better now than I did 10 years ago.

Tom Teich

By seamlessly combining the mental and physical aspects of yoga, Stephanie helps create a sense of tranquility while ensuring that your body is stretched, challenged, and improved. We began two weeks after I had foot surgery, while on crutches, then later, on one crutch, then eventually, while wearing a boot, and now, finally, dressed normally. She started me in a chair, and was able to provide the benefits of her experience while effortlessly transitioning me from chair to standing freely, over two months. Now, I look forward to our weekly sessions as opportunities to experience a one hour oasis during a hectic week.


Working with Maura enabled me to make tremendous, sustainable lifestyle adjustments in just 3 short months.  By gaining a new perspective, I have moved on from my old habits and I am working towards a healthier and more rewarding way of life.  Maura brought a wealth of knowledge and resources that fit my current situation to help me accomplish my goals of strong health and happiness.  I am now confident that with mindful eating and patience, I will continue to achieve my nutrition goals over the long-term.

Vincent DeFalco

I have been strength training with Ron at Balans Wellness studio for almost 3 years now. Our training is focused on functionality, which has really helped me with all of my daily activities. A huge plus is that we get to train in the beautiful environment at Balans.

Karen Allen

My gp sent me to Balans for therapeutic massage.  I went and it was an otherworldly experience.  Just blissful.  So I keep trying more of their services and each is better than the other.  I’ve had exercise and facials and more massages.  There is also Pilates, Yoga, a chiropractor, a nutritionist. Outstanding, all organic and very, very caring.

Carolyn Carlson

It was the best shivasana of my life, times a thousand.

Sarah Hagman

When I came to Balans Day Spa, I was breaking out. I had my first facial, and I immediately noticed results. I had the organic facial and felt that it really cleared up my skin. Not only did the facial work, it was also super relaxing. I left feeling amazing. I was glowing from the inside and out. Now, I am using only their products (bye, bye to my other products!) and really notice a complete transformation in my skin.

Jodie Sneider