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For the last year I have had the pleasure of working with Sonja for pilates and Marie postural therapy. As a former professional ballerina I thought I knew everything possible about my body, these two women have taught me so much about my alignment, how my body works and why I have been injured in the past. The work they do is incredible and very different from anything other body work I have tried in the past. When I recently went to my annual physical I was delighted to discover that since working with them at Balans I have grown half an inch! I can’t say enough wonderful things about their breadth of knowledge and how fortunate we are in Boston to have Balans in Boston. Whether you are a retired athlete or just a person who wants to achieve body wellness or a pain free lifestyle, Balans will forever change your body in an incredibly positive way!


Laila did my first time facial and did an AMAZING job. I’m so happy with the results and will definitely be back. She was not pushy with products although I was interested myself and started using some since going in. I have struggled with hormonal acne for quite some time despite dietary/lifestyle changes and I think seeing her for the facial/extractions was the last step in clearing things out. My skin hasn’t look this good in years!!


Thank you, Beverly, for such an amazing facial and for all of the tips! I will definitely be returning. Thank you!

Ashley Stolba

Fantastic place, my boyfriend and I had a different type of massage (deep tissue and hot stone) and each was just fabulous.
We recommend this place!


Went for a massage with Tal. It was amazing!!! Wish I lived closer I would go every month!!!


I’ve been seeing Ron for roughly 6 years now, starting just after I turned 40.  I started out primarily because I was having lower back pain, but also because I wanted to generally become more physically fit as I was getting older.  Over the years we’ve been working together, I’ve managed to do that – I’ve permanently lost ~10 lbs, reduce my body fat, strengthened my entire body / core, improved my energy level, increased my mobility, and not only maintained but improved my fitness.  I recently starting working with Maura to get my nutrition in check. She’s helped me make better choices especially when I travel for work. Proper nutrition has better helped me meet my fitness goals as well. I feel better now than I did 10 years ago.

Tom Teich

By seamlessly combining the mental and physical aspects of yoga, Stephanie helps create a sense of tranquility while ensuring that your body is stretched, challenged, and improved. We began two weeks after I had foot surgery, while on crutches, then later, on one crutch, then eventually, while wearing a boot, and now, finally, dressed normally. She started me in a chair, and was able to provide the benefits of her experience while effortlessly transitioning me from chair to standing freely, over two months. Now, I look forward to our weekly sessions as opportunities to experience a one hour oasis during a hectic week.


Working with Maura enabled me to make tremendous, sustainable lifestyle adjustments in just 3 short months.  By gaining a new perspective, I have moved on from my old habits and I am working towards a healthier and more rewarding way of life.  Maura brought a wealth of knowledge and resources that fit my current situation to help me accomplish my goals of strong health and happiness.  I am now confident that with mindful eating and patience, I will continue to achieve my nutrition goals over the long-term.

Vincent DeFalco

I have been strength training with Ron at Balans Wellness studio for almost 3 years now. Our training is focused on functionality, which has really helped me with all of my daily activities. A huge plus is that we get to train in the beautiful environment at Balans.

Karen Allen

My gp sent me to Balans for therapeutic massage.  I went and it was an otherworldly experience.  Just blissful.  So I keep trying more of their services and each is better than the other.  I’ve had exercise and facials and more massages.  There is also Pilates, Yoga, a chiropractor, a nutritionist. Outstanding, all organic and very, very caring.

Carolyn Carlson

It was the best shivasana of my life, times a thousand.

Sarah Hagman

When I came to Balans Day Spa, I was breaking out. I had my first facial, and I immediately noticed results. I had the organic facial and felt that it really cleared up my skin. Not only did the facial work, it was also super relaxing. I left feeling amazing. I was glowing from the inside and out. Now, I am using only their products (bye, bye to my other products!) and really notice a complete transformation in my skin.

Jodie Sneider