Meet Marie

founder of balans

Marie Aspling was born in Africa, raised in Sweden, and has been a resident of Boston since 2004. In 2010 she opened Balans (“balance” in Swedish), with the mission to reform the health and wellness industry.

With her MS degree in Biomedical Science and pursuing a PhD in Stem Cell research she left that to dedicate her life to teach and inspire a healthier lifestyle. Marie’s mission is to empower individuals with self-care therapies to support their health.

The Balans Lifestyle integrates postural therapy, movement and strength, yoga, massage, nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, pilates, floatation therapy, and organic skincare.

Marie is a passionate woman poised to share her extensive knowledge, and in a way that has never been done before. Through Balans she shows what it truly means to support our health, from inside and out.








Marie Aspling was awarded Boston’s Best 2018.




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Balans’ two locations:

Balans Wellness Studio, 376 Boylston Street

Over the years Balans has grown to become one of Boston’s most exclusive wellness centers. Here we offer Postural Therapy, Massage, Yoga, Movement & Strength, Pilates, Nutrition, Meditation/Mindfulness and Chiropractic care.

Balans Organic Spa, 216 Newbury Street

Balans most recent addition located a few blocks away on Newbury Street. The spa won Best of Boston 2017 and Boston’s Best 2106 + 2017! At the spa we educate on skincare and how it plays an important part in our health. Marie is poised to help revolutionize the spa industry by cleaning up the ingredients used in conventional skincare and cosmetics.

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