balans wellness studio

the only studio with POSTURE at it’s core!

Since opening in 2010, Balans Wellness Studio has become one of Boston’s leading wellness centers. In 2018, Founder of Balans, Marie Aspling, was awarded Boston’s Best Wellness Guru.

Our extensive wellness modalities aim to IMPROVE POSTURE.

We are located in one of Boston’s finest neighborhoods, and we work in one big, bright, and beautiful space.











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our team

marie aspling

postural therapist | founder of balans

Marie Aspling is the founder and owner of Balans Wellness Studio and Balans Organic Spa. She practices Postural Therapy, which leaves her clients with less pain, less stress and improved health. She delivers her expertise with great comfort, nurture and support.

    ron abecassis

    postural strength | postural yoga

    Improve your balance, flexibility, strength, reduce stress, and improve posture all in one session. Bring awareness to your body mechanics, feel stronger, and feel more comfortable in your daily activities. Whether you are rehabbing from an injury or wanting to train for an event, Ron can help!

      jessica shaps

      postural pilates

      Jessica’s 10 years of teaching evolves often to create a unique style that combines precision, empathy, and humour, with the latest research in bio-mechanics and mind-body practices to condition your body to it’s highest potential.  Her specialties are pre and post natal, Pilates for Scoliosis, and conditioning athletes. Jessica wants to help you move into your happiest life!

        syrine chinman

        Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle / Reiki Master

        A highly respected Reiki Master having qualified in Japan, Syrine is a healer with a wealth of international experience. An expert in wellness, as an Integrative Health Coach she adopts a holistic approach to help others feel their best as part of a tailored coaching program.

          ahrie shin

          postural massage

          Ahrie works with her clients to help them find more ease in their bodies and a greater capacity for movement. She works in the connective tissue at a slower pace in order to give the nervous system a chance to catch up, allowing the parasympathetic system to emerge and promote healing.

            frances masterson

            postural massage

            Frances helps move her clients out of pain, chronic tension, and dysfunction and gives them back the ability to perform at their highest potential. If you are an athlete or an individual with an active lifestyle, Frances’ work can help give you the freedom from physical limitations keeping you from achieving your goals.

              emily johnston


              Emily is a licensed acupuncturist with masters of acupuncture, and masters of science in pain management. Her clinical interests include women’s health, fertility, all pain disorders, and stress management. Aided by her studies in both eastern and western medicine, her compassionate guidance and care leave patients feeling improvement with each visit. Even if you have concerns with needles, Emily makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

                irene pasquale


                Irene is a licensed acupuncturist, a certified Reiki practitioner, as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher with a special interest in yoga for trauma. With all her interests and skills, Irene combines the wisdom of ancient healing arts with the practicality of evidence-based techniques.

                  sara morrissey posner

                  chiropractic / owner

                  Dr. Sara is the co-founder and owner of Khalsa Chiropractic Back Bay which operates within balans wellness studio. As a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Sara has a passion for working with the athletic population. She performs a variety of advanced soft tissue and rehabilitation techniques in her practice, to help bring her patients back to their optimal health and fitness level.

                    andreea toader


                    Dr. Toader enjoys working with patients ranging from athletes and performers to expecting mothers. Patient empowerment is the ultimate goal of her care as she strives to educate her patients on taking on health initiatives which both supplement her treatments and provide sustained relief.

                      andrea o’connor

                      chiropractic office manager

                      Andrea is the office manager for Khalsa Chiropractic Back Bay. She coordinates patient care for Dr. Sara and Dr. Andreea. She is a Boston native, and loves spending time with her family in her space time.

                        amy leydon


                        Amy has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She strives to integrate yoga and mindfulness in every facet of her life and continues to learn from her personal experience and practice

                          stephanie alessandri

                          movement & strength

                          Stephanie’s areas of expertise are: weight loss and weight management, strength & conditioning and post rehabilitative work