posture and alignment

Posture affects your health on many levels. Physically an mentally posture is directly related to:



Energy levels

Stress levels

Mood (anxiety/depression)

Back/Neck/Shoulder Pain


Postural Therapy with Marie Aspling, Founder of Balans.

Goal: to address your postural foundation to ensure that your body moves the way it is designed to.

How: manual release and stretching techniques to reduce tension and restrictions + corrective exercises to regain strength in weakened areas.

Result: functional movement, reduced pain and injuries, improved sleep and mood, reduced stress and improved digestion.

Before any movement or therapy is introduced we take you through an initial assessment.  With the help of images and videos we identify postural imbalances. This assessment serves to educate the client and to identify the source of his/her concerns.

Improve your posture, improve your health.

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  • Improve posture
  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Re-learn proper movement and exercise techniques
  • Develop and improve your body awareness, posture and appearance
  • Prevent injuries
  • Learn to incorporate self-care in your daily life
  • Enhance athletic performance
book your postural assessment

Initial Assessment

90 min | $275

Please bring workout clothes. No sneakers required.

Follow up Postural Therapy Sessions

60 minute

single | $160

5-pack | $790

75 minute

single | $200

5-pack | $990

90 minute 

single | $240

5-pack | $1190

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