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Maria Åkerberg is a pioneer in her field and has taken skincare to a whole new level. This is an honest and pure skincare without a single compromise. You can be sure to nurture your skin while supporting your health and protect the environment.
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This Swedish skincare line is 100% organic and serves to feed your skin the essential nutrients for healthy and flawless skin. Balans Organic Spa was first to introduce this exclusive and effective skincare line in the US and we are proud to use exclusively MARIA ÅKERBERG in all of our organic skincare services.

Nutrient dense skincare. MARIA ÅKERBERG stands for quality and results that are deep and real. This skincare, unlike many other generic lines, contain only nutrient rich ingredients that bring nourishment to your skin. With sufficient nutrition your skin can produce collagen and strengthen from within.

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MARIA ÅKERBERG is completely organic all the way from sourcing to growing, harvesting, processing and packaging. Each step is carefully considered to optimize the quality of the end product. As a consumer you can know that you are receiving the highest quality and with that comes sustainable and life-long results.


All plant-based organic oils used in MARIA ÅKERBERG are cold-pressed, which means that all enzymes and nutrients are naturally preserved. Heat and the use of dissolvents destroy these beneficial elements. Also, MARIA ÅKERBERG has a zero tolerance for all synthetic and artificial ingredients.

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To add to this superior line, it uses a self-preserved system with organic essential oils that contributes for up to three-year shelf life. This is exceptional for a 100% organic product.

Eco-friendly. All production and manufacturing are geared to sustain our environment and eliminate the pollution of our waters. 100% compostable and recyclable bottles and packaging. Minimal packaging with no additional exterior boxes.

No animal testing, ever.