reduce stress, anxiety, and pain.

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improve sleep, energy, and mood. 

Floating is one of the most powerful relaxation techniques known. Stress causes illness so lowering stress levels is critical for our well-being. Escape the overstimulating world and destress with a float. It brings relaxation and healing to a whole new level.
The float room has heated water (ten inches deep at body temperature), which is nearly saturated with therapeutic Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate). It is dense like the Dead Sea with profound health benefits. Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin and is a essential mineral for over 300+ biochemical pathways, including bone health and hormonal regulation.
Float in silence or customize your float with music or a guided mediation. We provide with music, or you can bring your own for a customized experience.

It is common that people have trouble to relax, and especially being in silence, which are all signs that they need to float! Being used to stress we need to balance our lives and do nothing at all. To give our body and mind a chance to recharge. It is through recovery that we heal.

Is it clean?
YES! There are no harsh chemicals used. The 35% salt content is antibacterial by nature. In addition, after each float, there are four levels of sanitation that provides with a sterile environment:
  1. Filtration through a cartridge filter which traps debris as small as 5 microns.
  2. Ultraviolet (UV) Light which destroys over 99.9% of organic matter and pathogens found in pools and spas.
  3. Ozone, which is the most powerful oxidizer in nature and the world’s number one defense against modern resistant organisms while producing no by-products.
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide.



Balans Organic Spa brings floating to whole new level. Here you have access to your own private float suite. Unlike the typical floatation tank, our float room is spacious and offers a high end floating experience. Our clients love the fact that it’s not a tight and enclosed space. They appreciate the accessibility and additional comfort.

To enhance your experience even further, you have access to our organic skin and hair care products. Enjoy a complete spa experience when you come for your float at Balans Organic Spa!

We provide everything you need including; towels, robes, slippers, shower products, hair dryer, and hair styling products.

A private and luxurious experience for complete serenity and relaxation.

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30 min float

single | $70

three-pack | $195 ($65 per float)

eight-pack | $480 ($60 per float)

Includes 30 min floatation time and 15 min on either end to shower and relax.

60 min float

single | $120

three-pack | $363 ($110 per float)

eight-pack | $792 ($99 per float)

Includes 60 min floatation time and 15 min on either end to shower and relax.

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Balans Organic Spa clients will not be allowed to float while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Clients are responsible for notifying Balans Organic Spa staff if they are on any medications that may affect their ability to float safely (i.e. medications whose side effects include lowered blood pressure, vertigo, nausea, or extreme drowsiness).

If you are under the care of a physician for any sever illness or are pregnant, please notify Balans Organic Spa staff. In some cases a doctors clearance may be required before floating.

Balans Organic Spa reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Client is responsible for cleaning fee as well as a loss of daily revenue should there be any bodily fluids, voluntary or involuntary, found in floatation tank.

Flotation Therapy can cause intense relaxation that may impact motor skills are the ability to drive heavy machinery. Client assumes responsibility for actions post-flotation.

Failure to comply by Balans Organic Spa’s Flotation Therapy policies and procedures could result in injury or fatality.

Please follow all instructions from Balans Organic Spa staff and take caution when entering and exiting Flotation Tank or suite area as salt and water cause surfaces to be slippery.

For any questions, concerns, comments, or feedback, consult with Balans Organic Spa front desk or management.

Floating is one of the most powerful relaxation techniques known. It helps your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. The health benefits are countless but to mention a few here is what floating can help you with:

chronic pain
high blood pressure
spine/disc injuries
pre-menstrual tension
post-natal depression

Floatation is great for pregnancy. Reduces swelling, helps with joint relief and back and neck pain.

Nothing, come as is!

We provide with everything that you need; towels, robe, slippers, hair dryer and Maria Åkerberg organic shower and skincare products.

Optional – if you wish to play your own music, you will need to bring a music device. We have the cables and dock stations for your custom experience and your phone may be charged while you float!