pilates for posture, alignment, and core strength

Our Postural Pilates instructors have extensive training and expertise in neutral spine based Pilates. They have completed comprehensive coursework in pre/postnatal, scoliosis, back/neck pain, myofascial imbalance assessment and correction, gait analysis, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and bone density (osteoporosis and osteopenia). Whether you have an ongoing medical concern, or just looking to be healthier, we train all levels, and all ages. At Balans, we see no limitations to move!

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quality of movement


spinal and pelvic alignment

pelvic floor

awareness and mindfulness

At Balans we develop and implement specialized programs for all individuals. We are especially qualified to work with special target groups that require further detailed supervision, and guidance: pre- and postnatal, scoliosis, spine related conditions (degenerative disc disease, herniated/bulging discs, stenosis), osteoporosis, injury prevention/rehabilitation (including post surgery), and sports-specific conditioning.

Postural Pilates.

We use reformer, cadillac, and chair as our primary Pilates equipment.


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Postural Pilates

60 minute

single | $140

5-pack | $690

10-pack | $1350

20-pack | $2,600

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