caitlin green

Caitlin became interested in healing arts while at Emerson College studying performing arts. Experiencing how much yoga and massage transformed her acting and singing performance, she craved to learn more about healing arts therapies. Consequently her path evolved from performance to healing arts as she pursued knowledge and certification in yoga teaching, Reiki healing, life coaching, and massage therapy.

As a massage therapist, Caitlin’s unique and varied integrative healing arts background is always present. She listens deeply to the intentions of her clients to help them achieve their desired results. She is skilled in helping her clients feel at ease, relaxed, and supported and she provides intelligent bodywork that gets to the root of their musculoskeletal issues. She is particularly skilled in helping her clients relieve neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, hip imbalances, postural imbalances, and headaches. She is also certified in cupping and hot stone therapies.

When she is not helping others through massage, she enjoys writing, playing guitar, singing, and hanging out with her partner and cats.
September 26, 2023