Oily Skin: Wash less and add more oil!

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Oily Skin: Wash less and add more oil!

We are all looking for that plumb and youthful look, but yet we often find ourselves struggle with pimples, acne, redness, sensitivities, breakouts, eczema, psoriasis, and all sorts of skin related problems. Our skin is dependent on proper care. Skin, just like any other cell type, requires a certain balance of fats, hydration and nutrients. Balanced skin cells are able to thrive and operate at an optimal level, which shows with a glowing and radiant complexion.

Many of us suffer from breakouts and what we think of as “oily skin”. Desperately, we try products that promise to clear acne and reduce oil. Many products later we find ourselves left without results, now even more frustrated and our symptoms keep getting worse.

So what is really going on? Why does the skin break out, and why does the skin produce all this oil?

A breakout and oily skin is a sign of an imbalance. As counterintuitive as it may sound, most often an oily skin needs MORE OIL to recover. Oil on oily skin, how can that be?

Due to poor quality and lacking nutritional value in many conventional products the skin is not receiving enough nutrition, oil, vitamins, minerals or hydration. Dehydration and malnutrition are key causes to prematurely aging and damaged skin. One effect of malnourished skin is over production of oil. When we experience oil we wash more and start using harsh exfoliants and strong astringents. This excessive cleansing, adding little or no lotion, keeps supporting the internal oil production. We are left with oily troubled skin and we use more makeup to hide it, which in itself clogs the skin causing further issues…

How to treat oily skin?

  1. Use a gentle wash. We recommend the Foaming Gentle or for the dry skin (yes you can be dry yet overproduce oil) the Olive Cleanse.
  2. Use a gentle toner, free from alcohol or any other harsh chemicals. We recommend Flower Freshener with calming Rose and Sage.
  3. Add oil and hydration. Use a face oil as the base and top it with a gentle Face Lotion. Depending on the skin type these can be customized, but the Royal Facial Oil Moist and the Face Lotion Moist is a good and safe start.

Once the skin has recovered (usually 3-4 weeks) start adding more products. There are serums and balms to add more nutrients and hydration.

Start small and soon you will find that your skin is less oily and any acne and inflammation will start to disappear.

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Other factors that affect the skin 

  1. Sleep. Get your rest. It is during the night you recover and restore. There is a reason why it’s called beauty sleep.
  1. Food. Skip the junk food. Eat wholesome and clean. Your skin shows your inside.
  1. Water. Stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day.

Even though it may be hard at first, cut back on the cleansing and add more oil. It works!

by Marie Aspling

Health & Wellness Expert

Founder of Balans