weight control and self-love

Nutrition and health made easy and manageable. The secret “diet” is eating clean, wholesome, and nutrient dense food. We work with you to educate on how to fuel your body and mind. With the proper information the stress is reduced and the result is a happier and healthier life, filled with vibrant energy.

Through private consultations we find the self-care and habits that supports, motivates, and guides you to a easier sustain good and balanced health.

We make it possible and sustainable for results that last a lifetime.

book your nutrition and health

30 min | $75

45 min | $100

one month | 4x 30 min | $295

one month | 4x 45 min | $395

book your nutrition and health

How is this cleanse unique?

Unlike many cleanses, this cleanse will impact you beyond these seven days. We focus on wholesome eating while establishing healthy habits for the mind and body. Instead of restrictive dieting we believe in sustainable long-term changes that nurtures a positive relationship to food and self-care.
Individual 7-day Cleanse | $475
Please call for more details, 617.424.1500