waxing for men and women


*women’s brazilian only


We offer waxing for men and women. Waxing is an art, which requires a skilled and knowledgeable professional. We get all the hair out and know how to avoid skin irritation and ingrown hairs. At Balans Organic Spa we offer the highest quality service and take your waxing experience to a whole new level. You can expect a faster service with less pain and with lasting results.

We make the uncomfortable experience comfortable.


Waxing – Men and Women


*women’s brazilian, new clients.


*men & women, new clients.

brow (incl. shaping) | $35

lip | $18

brow & lip | $40

abdomen | $55

back | $85

back & shoulders | $110

sideburns | $25

chin | $20

bikini | $50 *women only

brazilian | $75 *women only

face | $65

full leg & brazilian | $125+

full leg & bikini | $100+

upper leg & brazilian | $125+

upper leg & bikini | $100+

full leg | $95

upper leg | $60

lower leg | $40

foot | $20

underarm | $20

neck | $15

chest | $60

hand | $25

full arm | $60

lower arm | $40


 Rules for the best waxing and Brazilian wax results

  • don’t shave for 4 weeks prior to your visit or wait until the hair is at least ¼” to receive waxing services
  • trim the areas that have not been shaved or have overgrown. (Venus and Bic make trimmers with a comb on the razor)
  • if the hair is too long or too short you may not get optimal results and the service may have to be postponed (at the full cost of the appointment) Hair that is too long can result in a more painful wax experience.
  • no sun exposure or tanning for 24-48 hours pre or post wax and 
avoid friction
  • no activities that cause your body to heat up or sweat (bicycling, running, sexual activity)
 and avoid lakes, pools, jacuzzis, and ocean water for 24-48 hours post wax
  • if skin is irritated, flaking, or chaffed service can’t be done

important contraindications

Service can’t be done for those who take the following medications (including 12 months post treatment); Acutane, Altinac, Azelix, Differin, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro, and Tazroac, which thin the skin and make it more sensitive.
 Medications like blood thinners and steroids or any medications that you need to stay out of the sun are contraindications for wax, but tweezing may be an option. Also, please note that waxing when feeling stressed or under the weather or during menses (and a few days before) can result in a more painful wax experience.

preventing in-grown hair and infections

  • no underwear before or after wax
  • no underwear to sleep at night
  • remove sweaty workout clothes immediately after workouts
  • no scrubbing, picking, poking, tweezing, or touching

Leave the area alone in between services. If any ingrown hairs appear, follow home care instructions from your professional skincare therapist and schedule an ingrown hair treatment with your monthly Brazilian/bikini wax service.

brow maintenance

To achieve the perfect brow, 
let them grow for 4 weeks (there are 3 stages of hair growth. Avoid tweezing hairs during this time because they are all in different cycles; resulting in overgrown unbalanced brows) over a short period of time your brows will become more tame and balanced.

  • avoid touching them in between services
  • avoid looking in the car mirror or magnifying mirror directly after your appointment, nobody can see what you see in those devices
  • to maintain your brows, trim them and use brow makeup in between services

The same contraindications for body waxing apply to facial waxing.
 Retin-A and topical acne treatments like Benzoyl peroxide and heavy AHA use may be a contraindication. If on a prescription medication, please let us know so we can determine if we need to tweeze 
instead or if the service is contraindicated.