balans organic spa

Boston’s first and only organic spa

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We integrate health & beauty

Balans Organic Spa is the first organic spa in Boston to introduce 100% pure and organic skincare, and also the first spa to provide extensive nutritional, health and lifestyle support. We believe in beauty and health with lasting results from the inside and out.

Our mission is to educate and to raise the standards within the health, spa and skincare industry.

We bring Swedish standards to the US and work exclusively with MARIA ÅKERBERG Deepskin Organics. This Swedish and 100% organic skincare and cosmetic line has a zero tolerance to all synthetic ingredients to optimize results and health.

we heal your body and mind



spa news

our team

marie aspling

founder & owner

Marie Aspling is the founder and owner of Balans Wellness Studio and Balans Organic Spa. She practices Postural Therapy, which leaves her clients with less pain, less stress and improved health. She delivers her expertise with great comfort, nurture and support.

    maura mccartney

    nutrition and health consultant

    Maura McCartney is a nutrition and health consultant. She believes in sustainable changes that empowers the individual for lasting results. Her vibrant health and positive outlook makes something that can be challenging fun and enjoyable.

      laila jensen

      esthetician | skincare expert

      Laila Jensen is a senior esthetician with 30+ years of experience. She loves her work and brings comfort and joy to her clients. She adds to the Swedish vibe at Balans, and now Marie and Laila can speak Swedish at work!

      Laila lives by, “Feel good and look good!”

        emily carre

        massage therapist

        Emily’s therapeutic approach integrates muscular therapy, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and CranioSacral therapy with the powerful balancing energy of Reiki. A session with Emily will ease your mind, rejuvenate your body and enliven your spirit.

          kristen liptscher

          esthetician | massage therapist

          Kristen Liptscher is both an esthetician and massage therapist. With Kristen you can receive the wonderful combination of a massage + facial!

            mirna lizama

            front desk

              sally amore

              esthetician | skincare consultant

              Sally Amore has 30+ years of experience. With her profound practice in holistic skincare and healing touch, she transforms your skin and life. She believes knowledge is power, and will leave you with an understanding on how to care for your skin, as well as enhance your well being.

                frances masterson

                massage therapist

                Frances helps move her clients out of pain, chronic tension, and dysfunction and gives them back the ability to perform at their highest potential. If you are an athlete or an individual with an active lifestyle, Frances’ work can help give you the freedom from physical limitations keeping you from achieving your goals.

                  gunilla gorman

                  front desk

                  Gunilla brings another Swede to the spa. She loves Maria Åkerberg skincare and loves eating Indian Kitchari, homemade of course!