Corporate Wellness with Balans

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Why office health? Research has confirmed the link between health and ones ability to concentrate and manage stress. As a result, health directly impacts ones work performance.




Balans wellness team supports your business to achieve health and success! Balans team provides the highest quality services through educational and interactive workshops. We either host at one of our Back Bay locations, or we come to your office! Balans is well recognized in the Boston area for delivering executive and individualized health and wellness programs. Our goal is to empower your team to choose a lifestyle that supports their health.

Corporate Wellness Menu
Option I. The Breakthrough, 60 Min, $750
Option II. The Transformation, 120 Min, $1400

Example of a Balans presentation:

o  Introduction to integrated health: Lifestyle and self-care
o  Nutrition: Fuel your body with nutrient dense foods
o  Posture: Avoid chronic pain at your desk
o  Stress Management: Breathing & Stretching
o  Group discussion
o  Answers & Questions

Option II.  The Transformation, allows for a more detailed and in depth
discussion. Also, more topics may be covered. Also, in The Transformation
package each attendee receives a 30-minute complimentary floatation
therapy session at Balans Organic Spa.

For more details, click here Corporate Wellness with Balans

For inquiries and bookings, please call 617-450-8333