Seasonal Allergies & How to Fight Them

Posted: June 9, 2017 By: Comment: 0

Struggling with seasonal allergies? Well we’ve compiled 7 easy lifestyle and dietary tips to help you combat seasonal allergies. Try these easy and effective ways to help strengthen your immune system and manage symptoms:

  1. Shut Out Breeze: As hard as it is to close your window on a beautiful, sunny day- it may be a great way to reduce pollen from entering your home
  2. Wash: Every time you step out and reenter your home, you bring in residue from the outdoors- to minimize this, wash clothes, skin, hair after a day spent outdoors and leave your shoes at the door
  3. Clean Eating: Boost your micro-nutrient and antioxidant intake by adding more veggies and fruit to your plate- a stronger immunity can  potentially combat your body from responding to allergies (example: reduce histamine with vitamin C rich foods!)
  4. Drink up: Bone broth, soothing tea, and filtered water, can all help to hydrate and thin mucous
  5. DIY Cleaners: Harsh chemicals can further irritate the nasal passage way- you can make your own ‘clean’ cleaners and room fresheners by following these steps.
  6. Spice up your life: Foods like kimchi, ginger, cayenne, onion, and garlic can clear and calm the nasal passage ways (think bioflavonoids)
  7. Neti pot: Flush dust and pollen from your nasal passages by irrigation