extensions and tinting for length, volume and color

Glamorous and sexy eyes with eyelash extensions and tinting. Once you have tried them, there is no going back. Wake up ready to go, never use mascara again!




Here at Balans Organic Spa, not only do we offer lash service, we also help condition your lashes so they stay strong and healthy. Eyelash extensions require special care, which we will provide you with at the time of your appointment.

Before your appointment please read the “before your appointment”.

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faux mink lashes

Our eyelash expert brings the most professional care to your lashes. It takes high quality products and a skilled hand to build beautiful lashes, that last.

Classic Full Set $195 | 2 hours

Dramatic Full Set $225 | 2.5 hours

Includes one complimentary fill (must be redeemed within 7 days).


0-1 week | 45+ min | $55+

2 weeks | 60+ min | $75+

3 weeks | 75+ min | $100+

Lashes has to have 35% or more of lash extensions to be qualified for a fill.

Lash Removal

New client: $70 ($50, if client decides to get a full set as well)

Current client : $45

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  • Please come in 15 mins prior to appoint makeup free ( the more time our technician spends to clean your lashes and makeup means less time she spends lashing! )
  • Please shower before your service. It takes the adhesive to cure 20-24 hours. Steam and moisture will loosen the retention of the adhesive during the curing process.
  • Please skip lash serum regiment on the day of the appointment.
  • If any eye surgery (including lasik), injury, infections, or lacerations has occurred within 90 days, we are unable to perform the service until you are fully recovered.
  • Please book your lash appointment 10 days after any botox or facial injections.
  • Please do not wear contacts during lash appointment.
  • Please inform front desk if you’re coming from a different lash location. Each technician uses different products and techniques, therefore the same work isn’t guaranteed. 15-30 mins extra upon appointment time is needed and it’s an extra service charge for removal before starting a full set.
  • If you have had an eye injury, surgery (including lasik), or lacerations/infections in the eye area within 90, we are unable to perform the service until you’re fully recovered.