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organic spa

organic spa

216 Newbury Street, Boston

Nestled in a serene urban oasis, Balans Organic Spa allows you to detach and unwind.

Built on Swedish standards, Balans Organic Spa practices the act of self-care from the inside out.

Balans Organic Spa is the first organic spa in. We are also the first organic spa to provide extensive nutritional, health and lifestyle support.

Healthy and radiant skin goes beyond organic skincare ingredients. At Balans Organic Spa we build beautiful skin with 100% organic skincare, organic food and healthy lifestyle habits.

Quality and lifestyle matters,

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MARIA ÅKERBERG Deepskin Organics is our exclusive skincare and cosmetic line. These Swedish and 100% organic products provide exceptional quality and instant results. MARIA ÅKERBERG is exclusively sold at Balans Organic Spa.

Organic Facials, Organic Body Treatments and Wraps, Organic Massage, Waxing, Eyelash Extensions, Nutrition, Health & Life Coaching, Floating


wellness studio

wellness studio

376 Boylston Street, Boston

Since opening in 2010, Balans Wellness Studio has become one of Boston’s most exclusive wellness centers.

Through private one-on-one sessions we offer you individualized care to establish healthy lifestyle habits. Balans is known to transform lives.

We start wherever you are and work with you to achieve the goals that you are looking for. Each person will need a different approach, and we help you determine which makes the most sense for you. Everything you need for your self-care gathered in one beautiful and welcoming space:

Postural Therapy, Movement & Strength, Yoga, Pilates, Massage, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Health & Life Coaching.

Let us help you transform your life!



our philosophy

Balans is a lifestyle to support your health, beauty and wellness, from inside out. With our two sister locations, Balans Wellness Studio and Balans Organic Spa, we help you find the right self-care for you and your life. We have something every individual and at every stage of life. 

With Balans you will transform and find yourself living a healthier, happier and more sustainable life. The only way to make things happen is to begin. Hope to see you soon!